Zimbabwe Based Phtographer.

Sometimes it’s the un-posed moments that make the best photos. I offer a mixture of photojournalism (capturing the moments as the unfold) along side candid photography that will truly capture the moment. Paying special attention to all the little details that you will want to remember forever.

I am passionate about photography, the special moment it can capture and the idea that images can bring joy to those who see them.

I get to show people how i see the world.

I was born and grew up in Harare, Zimbabwe. Such a magical place to be and live, it has its ups and downs but we always make a plan. I wouldn’t trade living here for anything, the sun, the beauty, the people, the life.

My love for photography started at a young age. Even when I was little I filled numerous rolls of film at a rapid rate of clicks on my parents film cameras so when digital came out I think it was a blessing for them. My love for film and the good old crunch a film camera makes when you freeze that  perfect moment was not quenched. I still love film and still use it on a personal basis, nothing better than hearing the crunch of a film camera and not quite knowing what you going to get till its all processed and developed. The mystery, the beauty, the untouchable quality.

I studied a BA in Photography at Falmouth University in Cornwall and spent many a day and night in the red light perfecting my dark room printing as well as loving using the old Hasselblad cameras that only increased my love for film.
But we can not live on film alone so we did do digital as well and the ease to take many, many photos was so tempting.
Graduating from Uni I returned home to Zimbabwe as the cold of the UK wasn’t for me and I missed home. And of course the Bush back drops and open spaces and nature trumps any photo backdrops available to me and where else.
Currently based in Victoria Falls but am regularly back and forth to Harare for shoots.
My love for photos has extended to wanting them visible everywhere which has made me pursue printing. I print on mugs, magnets, keyrings, photo panels and much more as you can never have enough photos around.

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